TWEELUX is a wireless table lamp that can be remotely controlled by DMX via the W-DMX protocol or via the dedicated LUXANDCO-CONTROL remote control.

It is equipped with an easily customizable lampshade, backlit in two zones, the colors of which can be controlled separately.

It also incorporates a powerful warm white table lighting capable of pleasantly illuminating a table up to 180cm in diameter.



TWEELUX-UPKIT is a set of three accessories that transforms the TWEELUX table lamp into a living room lamp.

It includes a large shade, also customizable, as well as an extension tube and a coupler that allow the height of the lamp to be increased from 80 cm to 150 cm.

UPKIT thus considerably widens the field of application of the TWEELUX lamp.



TWEELUX lamps are customizable simply by inserting a transparent film printed in the lampshade.

These transparencies are printed on demand from standard catalog models or from personalized creations.

Classic printing, laser cutting, material or shine effects, many techniques are possible to express your identity.

Lampe TWEELUX AutomneLampe TWEELUX Dentelle


Event organizer, service provider, caterer, hotelier or restaurateur, the TWEELUX lamp will light up all your tables indoors and outdoors.

Its customization will adapt to all your atmospheres and allow you to put your visual forward. But you can also use them in matrix for original visual effects.

TWEELUX is not just a lamp, it is also an animation tool to boost your events. Indicate a winner's table, draw one at random, or divide tables into different teams, the only limit will be your imagination ...

TWEELUX matrice


TWEELUX-CASE allows the storage and transport of 8 TWEELUX lamps in their classic version as with the TWEELUX-UPKIT option.

It incorporates a charger that allows easy recharging of the 8 lamps and to check the condition of the batteries.

Its strength and standardized dimensions will facilitate truck transport and handling of lamps while ensuring optimum protection.



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